MEDIA RELEASE - Harvis spin-off from Sirona Capital

Sirona Capital

21st September 2018.

Kelvin Flynn has established Harvis, an alternative funds manager with a focus on real estate, agriculture and infrastructure financing. Kelvin and his team leave Sirona Capital, the successful West Perth-based private equity firm he established with Matthew McNeilly in 2010.

Sirona’s institutional real estate investment, development and lending business will continue to be led by Matthew McNeilly, along with his senior team of development management and investment professionals.

Since being established, Sirona Capital has had several distinct investment themes: Fremantle’s urban renewal, land bank investment, real estate development and lending and agriculture. These drew on Matthew and Kelvin’s individual skillsets and interests.

These themes had operated successfully and relatively independently under the Sirona banner for some time, with both partners agreeing to formalise the new structure at the end of June.

Mr McNeilly is overseeing the construction of the transformational $270m Kings Square, Fremantle redevelopment, a project for State Government which represents the biggest urban renewal project in Fremantle’s history. He is also working with investment partner Chip Eng Seng to progress the approval and development of luxury apartment sites and is responsible for Sirona’s Quest Fremantle, Margaret River and Adelaide Street Plaza Shopping Centre investments. Matthew will continue to take Sirona forward.

Through Harvis, Mr Flynn is progressing the development of the Northern Gateway Industrial Parks at Bullsbrook and Muchea, and financing several real estate, agriculture and infrastructure projects.

Mr Flynn most recently devoted considerable time to his role as Acting Chief Executive Officer at National Lifestyle Villages, with the resulting turnaround of the business supporting the recent successful sale to a fund manager backed by the GIC.

Both Mr Flynn and Mr McNeilly said they were up-beat about the direction WA was taking, particularly in terms of improved sentiment in the mining and resources sector, which drives activity in other sectors.

“We both see exciting opportunities ahead, and we’ve been laying further foundations on behalf of our investors to be well-positioned to explore and deliver new projects,”.

“From the perspective of both Sirona and Harvis, it is business as usual for our investors, and for our other stakeholders. There will be no change for our staff.”

“We’ve developed a close business and personal relationship over almost a decade and this remains the case and we both look forward to collaborating on future projects.”.