Future Freo Launched

Fremantle Herald

20th September 2014.

The Committee for Perth launched the Future Freo project this week, a year-long project designed to identify Freo's strengths and weaknesses and produce a blueprint for the city's revitalisation.

CEO Marion Fulker said Fremantle had potential to generate wealth via the increasingly popular cruise ship industry, but would need to have the appeal and attractions to keep passengers in town once they step off the snips.

Mrs Fulker says Fremantle can learn from port cities around the world about what not to do and should work to maintain its originality, heritage and grunge. She says the committee's aim is to help Fremantle achieve prosperity and liveability, document its social, economic and demographic character and benchmark it against other cities.

"Fremantle requires a clear, long-term, shared vision to make it a distinct, sustainable, prosperous and vibrant place for current and future generations," she says. "We are interested in finding out why, for  example, 60 per cent of inner Fremantle residents are male and what that means."

She says it's interesting most people in the greater Fremantle area are employed in mining. The Committee's Future Freo project is being funded by Notre Dame University, Fremantle Chamber of Commerce, Fremantle Ports, Fremantle' council, Coda, Sirona Capital, Match and Mermaid Marine. The steering committee will be chaired by businessman Adrian Fini and representatives from the funding partners.

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