Fremantle: Living the New York Story

Sunday Times

18th May 2014.

IT may seem like a stretch, but Fremantle and New York share a lot of commonalities. The appeal of New York is all about cultural diversity, which has created a hub for interesting art, literature and food. This fusion of ideas, meshed with its beautiful historic architecture, has created a story that people all around the world want to be part of. 

Similarly, Fremantle is unique in history, culture, European café scene and artistic persuasion. Its coastal location provides a lure to the boating and beach-loving community, and its trademark for “doing things a little differently” has enhanced streetscapes with colourful initiatives and interesting infrastructure.

Fortunately, the City of Fremantle recognises the importance of nurturing Fremantle’s unique ambience, and a planned $1b of investment is currently in the pipeline; meaning the Fremantle we know today is just a glimpse of the Fremantle of tomorrow. Amongst the excitement and activity, boutique property developer, Match, has introduced a number of niche apartment projects, meticulously designed to meet the style and taste of the people wanting to buy into the area.

As a company known for its attention to design detail, several apartment developments located in the popular coastal environment of South Beach Estate have all but sold out, and the company’s latest masterpiece, Tempo, designed by renowned Government Architect, Professor Geoffrey Warn of Donaldson Architects, will be its final legacy for that area.

However, over in central Fremantle sits a particularly significant and engaging project in the Match portfolio that will bring New York warehouse apartment living to the streets of Fremantle.

Heirloom is the highly celebrated rejuvenation of the old Dalgety Wool Stores, otherwise known as the “Old Fort Knox”, which lines Queen Victoria Street along the gateway to Fremantle.

It comprises oversized 1 and 2 bedroom New York style warehouse apartments; all developed using original roof space and strategically designed dividing walls, with high ceilings and exposed century old wooden beams.

The hero of the property is a spectacular open atrium that makes great use of natural light and the building’s existing saw tooth roof.

“We have tried to create a real experience throughout the property, and take people on a journey with original materials, storyboards and memorabilia,” Match Managing Director Lloyd Clark said. “This is a property that has been a constant backdrop for many people in and around Fremantle. It is a significant part of the City’s history and a genuine industrial warehouse atmosphere is about retaining as much of the original fabric as possible, and contrasting it with a modern and contemporary features.”

The Heirloom apartments include a selection of sleek and high-end fitout schemes, with a recent addition of an architecturally designed ‘industrial inspired’ scheme which is available fora limited time. Stage 2 is the project’s final release and includes apartments that look out towards Beach Street with ocean and harbour views.

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