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Today Tonight - Channel 7

5th October 2017.

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Fremantle's abandoned Myer building at Kings Square is getting a renovation.

Brad Pettitt, Mayor of Fremantle, says Fremantle hasn't been doing as well as it should have. Pettitt says the Myer building symbolises Fremantle's decline as an economic centre. Pettitt jokes that the Myer building originally looked like a brick made out of bricks.

The abandoned building became a shared space for Fremantle's creative community.

Matthew McNeilly, Managing Director, Sirona Capital, says they didn't want to leave the building in the middle of the city.

McNeilly says they were inspired by the idea of a shared creative space for the community and design around that idea.

This year they unveiled plans for a $270 million development. He says the retail experience will be radically different from regular shopping malls. Called FOMO, the plan is set to change the face of Fremantle.

McNeilly says they're taking leads from other port cities around the world and realised that Fremantle is suffering from a lack of investment. He says FOMO can mean and be anything you want it to be.

FOMO will be divided into five precincts, one for aspiring artisans and the others called Street Alley, Tidal Lane, The Daily, and the Emporium will serve different experiences for consumers. There will also be office space and an 800 bay carpark in FOMO.

Mayor Pettitt says FOMO will be the future of retail. McNeilly reassures people that FOMO will still capture Fremantle's old heritage and character. FOMO is expected to open in 2020.