FOMO Freo Colour creativity at Fremantle Oval

Community News

20th November 2018.

Fremantle Oval was a hub of creativity yesterday as more than 800 people attended FOMO Freo Colour, an event celebrating the FOMO redevelopment of the former Myer and Queensgate building and carpark.

The biggest paint-in of its kind featured 320 easels where artists of all ages created around 500 works of art from 750 litres of paint.

Sirona Capital managing director Matthew McNeilly said is was wonderful to see so many people, families and visitors to Fremantle be part of FOMO Freo Colour.

“The event was very colourful and family friendly with lots of people really taking the time to think about and paint what Freo meant to them,” Mr McNeilly said.

“We even had holiday makers and backpackers from as far as Austria and England come along.

“It was obvious from the beginning of the day that people have a real love for Freo and they embraced the opportunity to put that on paper and share it with others.”

FOMO Freo Colour ambassadors and local artists Anya Brock and David Spencer chose five winning works by Chrissie Dee, Kate Hannah, Elliot Laurent (8 years old), Michelle Wadsworth and Edem Leicester.

The winners will each receive $500 and their artworks will be licensed and digitally captured to be used in the branding and marketing of FOMO as the project progresses.

“The key to the event was that is was open to people of all ages and abilities,” Mr McNeilly said.

“Painting is usually quite a solo experience, so it was fantastic to offer a different environment where people could paint together and interact with other artists, families and people they had never met before but who share a passion for our port city.”