Fine art of togetherness

Cockburn Gazette

9th April 2020.

With the world facing an uncertain time, a new artwork in Fremantle is reminding people to unite.

The 2000sq m artwork Together has been painted on the facade of the Henderson Street car park in enormous, colourful letters.

The work is the brainchild of London-born artist Morag Myerscough and is his first permanent artwork in Australia.

The artwork took three weeks to install from March 3, led by Andrew Frazer and Luke O’Donoghue in consultation with Morag in London.

Visible from as far away as Monument Hill, the work has a new resonance as the people of Perth and beyond face the challenges of staying connected while maintaining social distancing and remaining at home.

With Morag’s famous work around the world centred on creating a sense of joy and belonging for all those who encounter it, it is hoped the people of Fremantle take some comfort in Together.