Sirona Real Estate Advisors provides a strategic advisory and capital management service, principally directed to supporting client’s real estate investment, divestment and development activities.

A hallmark of the advice we give is our applied approach and desire to be involved in the implementation of our recommendations. We are an active and engaged advisor that has direct, relevant experience, often as a principal. The areas in which we consult, include:

1. Investment and/or divestment strategies

2. Capital raising and funds management

3. Planning and design optimisation

4. Repositioning, redevelopment and asset performance

5. Development and project management

6. Market and policy research

7. Financial analysis and modelling

8. Leasing, sales, marketing and asset management

9. Community and other stakeholder engagement

We look to collaborate with our clients, providing real time experience and support to management as recommendations are initiated. We care about outcomes and look to be part of them. We only commit senior, experienced executives to client assignments, people who relish a challenge and are gifted at resolving complex problems and enhancing investment returns.